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Breakyear (in dutch: 'Breekjaar') is an adventurous and new way of education. Breakyear is about your personal growth. 
It is a one-year school about for everyone that wants to grow, develop and find out how to live their passion.

About Breakyear
Breakyear is about living life. It is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for everybody aged 16-24.
The program is not guided by teachers, but life-coaches that help you with your personal development during the year. There is a lot to learn. We've got guest-lectures every week and there is a width variety of specific projects every month. 

The year
year on the Breakyear campus is divided in three phases.

Phase 1 is 'the Breaking-phase. It is about 'Who are you?'.
Phase 2 is the Explore-phase. What do you like to do and what are you capable of?
Phase 3 is the Decision-phase. You'll make up your mind and choose what direction you'll head for now.

Date & location
The upcoming Breakyear edition will start in september 2013 and will last for 10 months.
The campus is located near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. There are still places available.

Breakyear is a self-sunstainable year, so you will earn the the application-costs of a Breakyear yourself, during the year. You will do this by working on projects, starting your own business ( maybe together with other students) or by crowdfunding the money via friends and family.  

More info
Would you like more information about Breakyear, please e-mail Anke van Donkersgoed (head of school) at or give her a call on +31621110124.

She loves to skype with you about the possibilities for you to follow a Breakyear.